Our focus is always on the unpredictable and ever changing future. We are constantly updating our equipment to ensure our offering is the highest quality. Because we believe that top quality equipment means better service and a better product.

Our equipment include compression molding machine, injection molding machine and extrusion machine as below that can produce a wide range of demanding applications. Our staff has the expertise to produce, and deliver to your toughest requirements. Custom molded rubber to meet your most demanding needs.

We have several rubber molding facilities as below that enable us to meet our customer's requirement in any shapes.

Type Size (mold space) Mold-fix force
Compression molding machine 500 x 600 mm~2400 x 2400 mm~ 700 x 3000 mm 200 ton~ 3500 ton
Injection molding machine 400 x 500 mm ~ 600 x 900 mm 150 ton~ 300 ton
Extrusion machine Φ60~150 mm 65 ton~ 100 ton